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ShadowFox Wellness Consulting

After 10 years of studying the brain in both academic and research lab settings and 5 years working as a dedicated healthcare professional, Lauren Morgan decided to start ShadowFox Wellness Consulting to provide support for some of the issues she's seen in the industry along the way. With experience as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Neurobehavioral Counselor, Life Skills Counselor, and a published neuroscience research assistant, Lauren strives to help make your healthcare experiences go more smoothly and effortlessly. This can take the form of life skills counseling, decoding biomedical research and how it applies to you, coaching on how to better communicate with your healthcare professionals, providing resources for self-discovery and development, or simply doing a high-quality and algorithmically driven search to find the right healthcare professional for your unique needs. By visiting my website, you can book a free 30-minute discovery call to start discussing how ShadowFox Wellness can help you today!

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