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You Are What You Believe You Deserve

These days, with so much that is out of our control -- and perhaps out of our comfort zone -- it is important to remember what is within our control. Personally, I gravitate to cultivating the freedom of choice I have with perspective, acceptance, movement, and the breath. The power we yield in such simple choices is incredible. Simply by focusing our attention on choosing our perspective, we can move from love to fear.

A Course In Miracles works with many concepts of this type of duality: love and fear, truth and untruth, magnitude and littleness, etc.. An excerpt that struck me as resonate is: "Be not content with littleness [...] Choose littleness and you will not have peace, for you will have judged yourself unworthy of it." We each have the power to chose who we are and what we believe we deserve. The outcome of this choice is so incredibly palpable, too. If we believe we are deserving of littleness, we will receive littleness. If we believe we are deserving of magnitude or abundance, we will receive magnitude or abundance. By living into our truths, regardless of what we choose that to be, so it will be.

In today's world, many suffer from systems of oppression, greed, and fear. Littleness -- or otherwise described as lack (of justice, resources, food, acceptance, etc.) -- is a construct of the ego. This is not real: there is no lack. Love, compassion, grace, and all good resources, including money, are abundantly available for everyone. The reality is that these resources are disproportionately given and/or withheld, depending on the 'powers' that exist societally.

The illusion of lack (e.g., arguments of not being able to raise the minimum wage, not providing fair and equal healthcare, etc.) is used as a manipulation tactic in fear for the sake of power and greed. Those who are disproportionately wealthy or powerful perpetuate a system of lack out of fear of losing what they have. This is toxic for everyone, including those who 'benefit' from the system. Living in fear and creating the illusion of finite resources will maintain fear and the concept of 'not enough.' However, if we -- collectively -- move into the truth of abundance and love, we will call in abundance and love. We receive what we believe we deserve, which is truly what we believe we are. I believe we are called to dismantle the systems that promote fear and separation and competition.

Call in love. Know you are worthy of love. Know that love always wins.

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