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What is Reiki?

I smile as I begin to write this post. I feel as if I cannot conjure the words to tell anyone what Reiki is. Reiki is an experience, a feeling, an energy that each one of us has the capacity to recognize and know.

To me, Reiki is magic. It is unconditional love. It is an energetic healing modality that serves both the "receiver" and the "giver" (more on the quotations later). Reiki is a practice in which the giver channels and concentrates the abundant love from the universe toward the receiver with the intention of harnessing this love to heal the receiver on all levels. This channeling can result in many different manifestations of energy - warmth or heat on the physical body, shifts in personal energy or blockages, a sense of calm or ease, visions, messages, clarity, etc.. What arrives in during Reiki is different for every person and every session.

As a Reiki provider, I do not do anything, apart from stepping aside. I allow within me a direct line of communication from Source [God/Love] to the receiver - whether the receiver is me or someone else. I remove my 'self' from the experience (as best I can) and allow my 'Self' to lead the session. In order to become - or better yet, realize myself as - a Reiki provider, I engaged in training (Level I and II), in which I was attuned to the Reiki energy by my teacher - Jessica Mahler. I was taught how to invoke the Reiki through my guides and use a range of techniques and rituals to best serve the receiver.

Now, back to the quotations... To me, the roles of "receiver" and "giver" are used to denote who is accepting the Reiki energy for their healing and who is leading the session, respectively. I use quotations because, as I know it, the Reiki energy which is utilized for healing exists in each one of us already. The unconditional love that allows for healing exists in the receiver and giver before, during, and after the Reiki session. As a Reiki provider, I am not creating or conjuring up anything that does not already reside within us. I am, with absolute loving-kindness, inviting and guiding this eternal love to heal, restore, and serve those willing to accept.

This is a telling of what Reiki is based on my own experience. If you are interested in learning more or experiencing it for yourself, I would love for you to reach out to me and schedule a session ( Until then, I send all my love with gratitude.

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