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My Return to Love

Fully committing to a Yogic lifestyle has been and will continue to be a challenging and incredible journey. Committing to this life goes way beyond quitting a "mainstream" job or even recommitting to the personal yoga asana practice. It involves dedicating one's life to the service of others' healing, dedicating oneself to "doing the work,"and -- above all -- returning to love.

I arrived at a crossroads where there were truthfully only two paths: choosing fear or choosing love. After a lot of contemplation, sitting with and listening to my fears, I finally made the leap of faith. I call it a leap of faith because, truly, I did not know what to expect. I still don't. I just know that I will continue to chose love again and again and again.

I am here to hold space for you while you contemplate, sit with your fears, and make the choice to return to love. I look forward to seeing you soon :) Namaste,


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