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Meet Your Higher Self

Who, or what is the ‘Higher Self’? My readings have lead me to many different terms for the Higher Self among many philosophies and schools of thought. In Buddhism, this is known as the Bodhichita, or enlightenment-mind. It can refer to the God within, Truest Essence, Christ consciousness, Spirit, Atman, etc.. To me, the Higher Self is the source from which we operate with compassion, grace, patience, forgiveness, and - ultimately - unconditional love. This source in each of us recognizes that same source in others, as it is the same energy or core essence. We all have the ability to tap into this Higher Self, as it is our truest calling to do so. 

How can we meet with our Higher Self? This can be done in many ways and in any moment. A few practices to work with are yoga Asana (movement), prayer, Dharana (concentration which leads to meditation), reciting mantra (similar to prayer), and so on. The Sankalpa, or deep resolve/intention, of the practice could be to call in and meet with your Higher Self. Below is a short centering meditation offering for you to try. Take what works and leave the rest.


Find a comfortable position - preferably seated - to prevent you from meeting sleep (although you can meet your Higher Self in any state of consciousness). You can sit on a chair, on a pillow, cross-legged, kneeling… Close your eyes or find a soft, gaze. Take a few moments to settle into stillness. Notice, without judgment, any sensations you feel in the body - any areas of comfort and ease, as well as any areas of stress or discomfort. Start to notice your quality of mind - gently observe this. Then, direct your attention to your breathing. Begin to slow down your breath: matching the length of your exhales to the length of your inhales. Without allowing it to become laborious, allow the breath to become as deep as is comfortable.

Turn your mind's eye toward your Third Eye - the space between the eyebrows. Imagine that there is a ball of indigo light radiating from this place. Notice as it expands and contracts. This is the seat of your intuition, illuminating from within and radiating outward. With a steady breath and your mind fixed on this space, repeat the following, silently or aloud: "I call in my Higher Self. I call in Divine Love. I meet my Higher Self here, now." You may repeat this as many times as you would like.

To close, gently release the prayer, bring your attention back to your breath. Notice any changes to your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. When you're ready, open your eyes.


I invite you to call onto your Higher Self in any moment. Finally, I will leave you with a poem. Feel free to recite this silently or aloud to affirm your alignment with your Higher Self.

“Here's to walking my own path.

Here's to claiming my birthright,

my sovereign power.

Here's to walking the sacred ground.

Here, to break down any walls between the self and the higher calling.

May every prayer be a celebration.”

-Petra Poje

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