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Manifesting & Receiving

Manifesting is an incredible practice to create the experiences, the relationships, the life of your truest desires. Better yet, it is the practice that allows you to receive those experiences, relationships, and the life that is beyond your wildest dreams. Perhaps you know that there is a Divine plan and purpose for your life. It may be called by Fate, Destiny, God's plan, or something else. You know there is a promise to you of blessings, abundance, and love. Manifesting is the way in which this promise comes into fruition.

There are many resources on how to manifest. One of my favorite outlines comes from the Chopra Center - you can find their suggestions here. Below is my own process :)

  1. Daydream - create the most gorgeous vision of the life you want for yourself. Imagine yourself surrounded by the love you most deeply desire, the abundance of resources and opportunities that fulfill you completely, and anything else that you crave to see or experience this lifetime.

  2. Integrate - discern how you will feel and look when all of these visions come into your life. Create an image of yourself in which you are elated, content, fulfilled, excited, loved, etc.. Identify the feelings, thoughts, and sensations you have in your mind, heart, and body when this vision comes true. Integrate that image and those feelings, thoughts, and sensations into your present moment.

  3. Release - give this vision as an offering to the Universe [God, Source, The Divine/Supreme Being]. With a prayer or intention, ask the Universe to guide the experiences and people in and out of your life to create the landscape for your vision to manifest

  4. Receive - let go of any pretenses or artifacts from the past that cause self-limiting beliefs. Know with certainty that the blessings that are meant for you are available for you. The final step is to allow yourself to receive your vision into your life.

These steps allow you to determine what it is you want, create the frequency in which to receive it, surrender the 'plan' to something greater than yourself, and, ultimately, see your vision manifest in greater abundance than you could imagine.

In my experience, the most challenging step is the fourth and final step. I had often associated receiving as taking. I had trouble accepting gifts or acts of service without an underlying feeling of guilt. With a slight shift in perspective, I realized that receiving is the act of accepting what is meant for me, what was already mine.

The same is true for manifesting. Once we can truly believe that the vision for our lives is meant for us, we will operate in ways and create the space for that vision to manifest. When it does, life will be filled with more blessings and love than we could have fathomed.

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