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Extending Self-Compassion

Repeat: I am the heartbeat of the universe.

I am deserving of love.

I am love.

Today there is a New Moon in Virgo. The sky is darker; everything feels a bit quieter. The New Moon is a wonderful time to set intentions, make plans, and plant seeds. It's especially potent to do so with the sign of Virgo: Virgo is incredibly meticulous, detail-oriented, and practical. If you have been sitting on a new idea or project, this is an excellent time to set some things in motion, if only to create an affirmation of how you would like to feel 6 or 18 months from now. For instance, if you are starting to look into graduate programs (hint: me), you may consider an affirmation of "I am on a direct path to achieving my goals." Or, if you are on a journey of self-healing (hint: also me), you may consider "I am healing my wounds every day. Everything in my life is meant to serve the Highest Good for all." Anything that resonates with you now that you would like to see manifest during the Full Moon in Virgo - create an intention.

If you're absolutely, totally not feeling up for starting anything new right now, honor that. The New Moon is also an excellent time to rest, recharge, and reset. There is no rush. Depending on the person, New Moons can feel like very slow, sleepy, and - sometimes - heavy energy. Perhaps you're experiencing some of the effects of Mars in retrograde (minor irritations feel more aggravating?). In this case, I invite you to use this New Moon to extend a lot of self-compassion and love to yourself. Remember, Love is unconditional: you are not loved because you are good or successful or always have a positive attitude. Love is not earned, but freely given. You are the heartbeat of this universe and the conduit of the Love direct from the Source. Be kind to yourself. Take what you need, leave the rest.

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